Beef stew with potatoes and carrots in slow cooker
The Easy Trick For Prepping Slow Cooker Meals In Advance
While slow cooker recipes streamline the cooking process, they can still be time-consuming if you have to prep multiple ingredients. Try this trick for easier slow cooker meals.
To avoid time-consuming prep work in the morning, prep all your ingredients the night before, throw everything in the slow cooker’s pot, and keep it in the fridge overnight.
Chop your veggies, brown or sear your meat, sauté your onions, and complete any other necessary preparation before storing and moving it to the fridge.
In the morning, just take the pot out, set up your slow cooker, and cook. You may have to add an extra half hour or so of cooking time, since you’re starting with cold ingredients.
You can also freeze the ingredients to prepare meals even further in advance. Just make sure to thaw meat first, as adding frozen meat to a slow cooker can cause bacterial growth.