Pot roast with vegetables and rosemary in black pot
The Easy Tip For Making Two Roasts In The Same Slow Cooker
It is possible to successfully cook two beef roasts in one slow cooker, but you need to adjust the recipe a bit. First of all, don't double the amount of liquid in your recipe.
Too much liquid will water down flavors and make the veggies soggy. However, you should double the amount of veggies and seasonings like herbs, spices, and tomato paste.
Next, ensure that both roasts fit snugly into the base of the crock pot before trimming off excess fat, trussing them with kitchen twine, and/or searing them for extra flavor.
Slow cookers have a low evaporation rate, so the amount of liquid you'd use to make a single roast will be enough to cook two. The cooking time may be the same or slightly longer.