Costumers looking at meat display in Costco store
The Easy Tip For Getting Cheaper Ground Beef At Costco
Costco is one of the best retailers for quality meat at discount prices. For leaner beef that’s even cheaper, simply ask the meat cutter or butcher for a 10-pound chub.
According to a Costco employee on Reddit, Costco ground beef that’s 88% lean and 12% fat costs around $3.49 per pound, while their chubs cost just $2.99 per pound.
These cylindrical tubes of meat are made by mixing ground beef with fat trimmings from steak cuts. They are significantly leaner, having around 5% to 8% fat.
Keep in mind that the chubs of beef are not typically organic or from grass-fed cows, so you’ll have to stick to the shelves if that’s a deal breaker for you.
It’s also important to note that you'll have to make a special request since they aren't generally found on the meat displays. For a smooth experience, call ahead of your trip.