Photo taken in Quaregnon, Wallonia, Belgium.
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The Easy Stovetop Method To Avoid Soggy Reheated Fries
French fries are one of the most popular snacks and side dishes around the globe, but one of the drawbacks of ordering or making fries is that the leftovers rarely reheat well. This is because the starch in potatoes fluffs up when hydrated, but gets grainy and soggy when dehydrated, making for limp fries the next day.
Reheating fries is all about moisture, and while adding moisture back to the potatoes is a good thing, the microwave will add too much, trapping in steam as the fries release it and making them soggy. Instead, use a little oil and a pan on the stovetop to restore moisture, but also crispness, to your fries.
Simply heat your pan and oil, ideally two teaspoons for every handful of fries, and once it's hot, add your fries. Cook for a minute on each side until they're nice and crispy, then top with fresh salt; they may not taste as fresh as they did straight from the fryer, but it's a much better alternative to microwaving them.