A knife and fork cutting into a steak.
The Easy Step That Takes Air Fryer Steak Above And Beyond
An air fryer can cook a steak so it's table-ready in minutes, but doesn't provide enough time for lots of fat to render. Choosing the right cut of steak can mitigate this pitfall.
If you opt for a cut with subcutaneous fat on the outside, the meat itself will be done cooking before the fat melts, leaving you with chewy chunks of fat on your steak.
Cuts with intramuscular fat, AKA marbling, are more suited for an air fryer. These thin threads of fat that run through the muscle will melt and add flavor and moisture in minutes.
With a well-marbled cut, the air fryer will give the meat a nice sear and outer crust while the inside remains juicy and tender. Ribeye or a New York strip are great choices.
It's hard to tell when big steaks thicker than 1 inch are done, not to mention they might not fit in the air fryer, so thin cuts like top round and tri-tip are also good choices.
Top round and tri-tip have little subcutaneous fat and lots of flavor. With any cut you choose, make sure to trim any outside fat in excess of ¼ inch to avoid chewy bits.