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The Easy Starbucks Hack For A More Affordable Dirty Chai Latte
The cost can add up for those who regularly indulge in a Starbucks Dirty Chai Latte. Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the same flavors without the premium price tag.
You're primarily paying for the espresso and milk, which are essential components of the Dirty Chai. To get the most for your money, start by ordering a regular latte.
Now, here's the game-changer: Instead of the Chai Tea concentrate, request your barista add pumps of chai tea syrup to your latte.
For a tall, two to three pumps are sufficient. For a grande, three to four pumps should do the trick. And for a venti, up to five pumps will deliver that spicy kick.
Using this trick to order a grande with four pumps will cost about $5.55, allowing you to enjoy the spicy allure of a Dirty Chai at a discounted price.