Tuna steak on table
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The Easy Prep Tip That Will Help You Cook Tuna Evenly Every Time
Ahi tuna steak seared in a pan makes for a special, delicious dinner, but it still has potential pitfalls when cooking. To avoid winding up with an unappealing, dry exterior that doesn't contrast very well with the tender, raw interior, try this prep step recommended by Taste of Home that can help you cook your tuna evenly.
Your tuna can end up both dry and raw if you bring it straight from the fridge and into a hot pan, since the interior will remain cold for longer, prolonging cooking times and leading to uneven results. Instead of cooking cold tuna, Taste of Home suggests bringing it to room temperature before cooking, which only takes about 30 minutes.
After letting your tuna sit out on the counter, you can finally add it to a hot pan, and it is important that the pan is well-heated, since a lower temperature also prolongs cooking times and results in overcooked, rubbery tuna. The high heat will also create a delicious crust on the meat while the inside remains moist.