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The Easy Method To Add Extra Flavor To Smoked Short Ribs
Smoking short ribs is one of the best ways to get juicy, fall-off-the-bone meat, and there are more measures you can take to give them extra flavor. There’s one technique that will create ribs with the perfect level of smokey richness, and all it takes is a simple ingredient swap for a boost of complex flavor.
Try smoking your ribs with fruitwood — like apple, pear, cherry, or peach — instead of pellets or other types of wood. Unlike other types of hardwood, the flavor of fruitwood is subtle and won’t overpower the beefy flavor of the short ribs, making for a more well-rounded flavor with a touch of sweetness.
By being particular with the wood that you choose for smoking your ribs, you can both improve the flavor’s quality and impart an extra hint of depth. For a more traditional choice, try hardwoods like mesquite, which has a strong and almost earthy flavor, or hickory, which has a more intense smokiness.