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The Easy Ingredient Swap For An Autumnal PB&J Sandwich
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a lunchtime staple for Americans, and the National Peanut Board reported the average citizen will consume roughly 1,500 by their high school graduation. If you're a PB&J fan, but your same old grape jelly is getting boring, add a taste of fall to your sandwich with this simple swap.
Apple jelly is loaded with the warm, spiced flavors of autumn. To make this jelly, chef David Lebowitz recommends using green apples for their high acidity and pectin content. If you have a sweet tooth, Apple specialist Stemilt recommends using Ambrosia, Fuji, or Gala; with these varieties, you won’t have to add any extra sugar.
To make your jelly "gel" easily without adding extra pectin, the National Center for Home Food Preservation suggests a ratio of three-quarters of ripe apples to a quarter of unripe apples. For a super autumnal lunch that celebrates fall apples, try sipping a Hot Toddy or a glass of apple cider while you enjoy your apple jelly PB&J.