Detroit Style Sausage Pizza on wooden table
The Easy Hack To Transform Frozen Pizza Into A Tasty Deep Dish
To make a deep dish pizza at home, thaw a frozen pizza, nestle it into an oiled cast iron skillet, add extra toppings, and give it ten minutes in the oven.
This technique uses the skillet’s tall walls and even heat distribution to improve the crust and allows you to pile on your favorite toppings, upping the richness of the pizza.
Sausage, onions, and bell peppers are quintessential choices that infuse your pizza with bold flavors and a satisfying crunch. Just scatter them generously on top of the cheese.
If you love sauce, don’t hesitate to add extra. Deep dish pizzas are known for their generous portions of chunky tomato sauce that simmer above the cheese and toppings.
For added flavor, sprinkle grated Parmesan on the exterior edges between the skillet and the crust. As it bakes, the cheese will caramelize, creating a crunchy, savory crust.