Sliced orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and kumquat falling isolated on white background
The Easy Hack To Soften Citrus And Make Squeezing Juices A Breeze
Sometimes citrus fruits like lemons don't yield, no matter how hard you try to squeeze out some juice. You can make things easier by rolling your lemons before juicing.
This trick works better if you have a good lemon in the first place. Look for ones that are a bright, vibrant yellow without blemishes or soft spots.
Set your lemon on a clean, flat surface and roll the lemon slightly forward and backward with the palm of your hand. Apply some force, but not so much that you break the rind.
Turn the lemon as you go, and stop once you feel the outer layer has softened under your hand. This breaks down the outer membrane and makes it easier to juice.
An average-sized lemon should yield between two and three tablespoons of juice. The rolling trick should also work for other citrus, such as limes and oranges.