Fresh green sliced pickles floating, isolated on white
The Easy Hack To Make Fresh Pickles Without Prep Work
While the basic recipe for cucumber pickles is easy, you can make it faster by skipping the step of making your own brine. Simply reuse brine from a store-bought jar of pickles.
Before you reuse pickle brine, you’ll want to make sure it's in good condition. Examine it for any discoloration, murkiness, or mold, and toss it out if any of these are present.
Once you confirm your brine is good to use, wash and slice cucumbers and add them to the jar of brine. If the liquid doesn't submerge the slices, add an extra splash of vinegar.
Put on the lid and place the jar back in the fridge, ensuring it is airtight. Within 24 hours you'll have crunchy, tangy, delicious pickles that are ready to enjoy.
The pickles should keep in the fridge for about a month. Watch out for cloudiness in the brine, or if the pickles start to lose their crunch, which means they’re past their prime.