Tamped puck of coffee grounds within basket of portafilter and coffee beans spilled on dark surface
The Easy Hack To Grind Coffee Beans More Evenly
Grinding coffee beans to an even consistency can be difficult for at-home coffee lovers. Rather than buying an expensive grinder, there's a simple, free solution.
The next time you’re grinding beans, lift and shake the machine gently while it's working. The idea is to move the beans around to help it grind everything at a more even pace.
If you can’t lift the machine, you can get similar results by firmly holding the top of the unit and wiggling it, just enough to get the coffee mixed around in the chamber.
It’s also better to grind in short bursts, not a continuous push. This will help circulate the coffee more evenly and avoid heat buildup, which can affect the taste of the beans.
While this tip doesn't really apply when using a conical burr grinder, you can still shake it at the end of the grind cycle to dislodge any beans caught in the crevices or burrs.