Slice of layered vanilla cake with vanilla icing.
The Easy Butter Swap For Brighter White Frosting
Creating snowy-white buttercream frosting is harder than it seems. The first step to success is to use the lightest, palest butter you can find, instead of more yellow butter.
It is possible to make butter less yellow by using food coloring, but picking the right butter in the first place is easier. Any hint of golden yellow will tint your frosting.
Despite this, starting with a whiter butter is typically the best route to take. If your butter is on the yellow side from the get-go, it will make your frosting yellow, too.
Try to avoid Irish-style butter, which is often more golden in color, thanks to the amount of beta carotene in the grass that feeds Irish grazing cows.
Standard American butters, such as Land O'Lakes, tend to come with less of a tint than Irish varieties. With this type of butter, you can whip up alabaster buttercream.