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The Easy Addition For Crisp Cobbler Crust
Fruit cobbler is a scrumptious summer classic that features a juicy fruit filling underneath a buttery biscuit or fluffy cake-like crust. Cobbler crust is especially delectable when it's properly browned and crisped, and this unusual addition will give your homemade dessert a crackly topping that pairs well with any fruit.
"Hot water cobbler" is a technique popularized by James Beard Award-winning chef Renee Erickson, who in turn learned it from restaurant owner Susan Kaplan. Erickson's version of cobbler starts out in a standard way, with sliced peaches layered in a baking dish with a biscuit-like dough spread over the fruit.
Granulated sugar is then sprinkled on the dough, and a half cup of hot tap water is poured over the whole thing, melting the sugar. When the water evaporates in the oven, it leaves behind a crackly top layer that's reminiscent of the burnt sugar on a crème brûlée, achieved with no extra cooking time or special equipment.