Dry ravioli pasta stuffed with squash isolated on 255 white.
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The Easiest Way To Test The Doneness Of Ravioli Without Ruining One
Cooking ravioli and testing to see if they're done can be tricky, and you can end up sacrificing one after the other by cutting into them every time to see if they're done.
A better way to test your ravioli is to take one out of the water and place it on a cutting board, then cut a small piece off the edge, not the center, so that no filling escapes.
Next, taste the trimmed ravioli piece. If it's warmed through and chewy without being hard, the pasta is done cooking, and you can drain your ravioli and enjoy them.
In the end, you'll have one awkwardly shaped ravioli, but you won't have to ruin multiple because they were undercooked, and you'll have more pasta for yourself and your guests.