Closeup of a pot roast in a cast iron pan.
The Earthy Gravy That Makes Filipino Style Pot Roast Different From The Rest
In the Philippines, pot roast is often served on Christmas Eve or during large gatherings, and it will always be accompanied with a rich and creamy mushroom gravy.
Most recipes begin with searing mushrooms with chopped onion and garlic. Once they sweat off their excess liquid and begin to caramelize, you can add your other ingredients.
You can either use a can of cream of mushroom soup or a combination of beef stock, cream, and flour that you'll use to thicken up the consistency.
Much like the seasoning of the pot roast, Filipino cooks keep the flavors simple, only adding salt and pepper so that the mushrooms truly shine.
After you've made the gravy, a few recipes will suggest you add the sliced beef into the gravy and simmer a bit so it can absorb those rich mushroom flavors.
Others will treat the gravy as more of a final garnish, topping off the plated pot roast and mashed potatoes or rice with a generous ladle.