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The Early 19th Century Addition For More Robust Bread Dough
Humans have been baking bread with yeast for millennia, but modern chefs have rediscovered an ingredient of breadmaking that was once very popular, but almost disappeared in the mid-1800s. To try this comeback ingredient, consider adding brewer's yeast (not baker's yeast) to your dough for more flavorful bread.
Brewer’s yeast, the yeast used to make beer, has been used in bread in Italy for hundreds of years. Before Italians began using baker's yeast in the mid-1800s, they would use brewer's yeast obtained from winemakers, and this ingredient adds a "funky, umami appeal" to bread, pasta, and more, says Food & Wine.
Brewer's yeast has a slightly bitter taste, so it can balance out other flavors in foods, but shouldn’t be overused. For bread, you might find a 50-50 mix of baker's and brewer's yeast yields an ideal, more complex flavor, but you may need to be patient and try a few different ratios to see which tastes best to you.