Hand removing the lid from an orange Dutch oven
The Dutch Oven Lid Trick To Roast Veggies While Braising Meat
Besides braising, a Dutch oven opens possibilities for many culinary hacks. One such hack lets you braise meat and roast veggies separately but simultaneously in one Dutch oven.
To try this ultimate one-pot meal with a twist, start by preheating the oven per your recipe. Let the meat braise as usual, then turn your lid upside down on the Dutch oven's top.
Lay the vegetables out evenly on the inverted lid, being careful about your vegetable selection. Anything from carrots and potatoes to Brussels sprouts and bell peppers can work.
The meat will braise in the savory juices that accumulate at the bottom of the pot while, simultaneously, the lid becomes an improvised roasting pan for your vegetables.
For the best results, keep space between veggies so they brown well, keep them in a single layer so they aren't too soft, and flip and stir them halfway through for even roasting.