Tongs holding piece of fried chicken over boiling oil
The Drop Technique To Prevent Oil Splatters When Cooking Fried Foods
While fried foods are delicious, making them at home can be difficult and messy, so try this technique to avoid splattering your boiling hot oil.
To reduce splatters, drop the food in a slow, controlled manner, making sure it falls away from you. You can use your hand, but you may want to use tongs to avoid touching the oil.
It’s also important to ensure your food is free of moisture since the combination of oil and water causes the oil to splatter.
Avoid frying frozen food as the icy particles may cause violent splatters, and make sure to completely thaw and dry your ingredients before frying.
If you’re still getting oil splatters and are worried about the mess, you can use baking trays or aluminum foil to protect nearby surfaces from any hot oil.