Two spritzes, one with mint and blackberry garnish, the other with orange peel and blackberry garnish
The Drink For Aperol Spritz Lovers Desiring A Tart Sip
The Aperol Spritz is made with prosecco, soda water, and Aperol, an Italian aperitif known for its complex, citrusy profile balanced by zesty, bitter herbal notes.
To play up the tartness of your spritz, try a Rhubarb Spritz, which swaps in rhubarb syrup for Aperol. Aperol already contains rhubarb, so this switch-up is bound to work well.
Pure rhubarb syrup makes for an extra-tangy sip that's even more refreshing than the classic spritz. It also turns your spritz a charming red, pink, or purplish shade.
Rhubarb syrup is made by boiling sliced rhubarb in sugar and water, then straining the vegetable out, resulting in a vibrant red syrup with a tangy, sharp flavor.
Since rhubarb syrup contains no alcohol, you'll have to add an alcoholic ingredient like vodka, gin, liqueur, or prosecco (as found in an Aperol spritz) to round out the drink.