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The Downside When Using A Copper Pan Lined With Stainless Steel
Stainless steel and copper are two popular cooking metals. However, combining can cause downsides like bonding issues, reduced thermal efficiency, and potential safety concerns.
Copper is ideal for heat conduction, but stainless steel is thermally inefficient. This means stainless steel-lined copper cookware is more durable, but less effective than solid copper.
Copper and stainless steel also do not chemically bond, and stainless steel must be fused mechanically using a process called lamination.
Depending on the thickness of the stainless steel, the layer could delaminate, possibly violently, if exposed to heat for too long a period.
Tin-lined copper pots are a better investment despite their 450°F melting point, which causes the lining to wear off over time. However, properly cared for, they can last decades.
Stainless steel’s convenience, look, and durability notwithstanding, this liner will not give you a true copper cooking experience. For that, you really need to go with tin.