Dish Puff pastry pie with minced pork, chestnuts, pancetta and mushrooms in Pokfulam. 29NOV17 SCMP / Jonathan Wong (Photo by Jonathan Wong/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)
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The Dough Swap To Make A Quicker Kringle
A kringle is a sweet and flaky Northern European pastry that is often formed into a ring shape, glazed with icing or powdered with sugar, and stuffed full of various sweet fillings. As you can imagine, making a kringle from scratch takes a lot of time, but there is a way to cut down on all that effort without sacrificing the dessert's taste.
A quintessential part of a kringle is its flaky and buttery dough, which you don't have to make from scratch. Simply go to the grocery store and pick up a big package of puff pastry, which is really a premade form of pâte feuilleté, the base for many French pastries and a reasonable stand-in for homemade kringle pastry.
Like kringle dough, pâte feuilletée goes through a lamination process in which the dough is wrapped around cold butter and rolled out several times to make flaky layers that expand when baked. With the dough taken care of — and up to 9 hours of work skipped over — you can assemble your kringle using any fillings you like.