Grilled fried Prawns on skewers on black cast iron grill background
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The Double Skewer Method To Easily Flip Shrimp On The Barbie
Shrimp are meaty in texture, stand up well to the concentrated heat of a grill, and can cook through in as little as five minutes. However, anyone who's skewered shrimp and put them on a grill knows that it can be a huge fuss to keep them from falling through the grates — here's how to prevent that.
Instead of pushing just one skewer through your shrimp, push one skewer through the thick head of the shrimp, and then add another skewer parallel to the first one through the thinner tail end of the shrimp. With two skewers, the shrimp will be much easier to flip on the grill without falling, and will also cook more evenly.
For charred, crispy shrimp, Bon Appétit says to leave a bit of space between each shrimp you thread through the skewers, but for juicier, less flame-kissed ones, you can push the shrimp close together. Don't try to add veggies to the skewers, since they cook slower than shrimp, leaving you with cooked shrimp and underdone veggies.