Scrambled eggs with beans. Top view.
The Distinction Between Huevos Rancheros And Mexican-Style Eggs
When people think of the quintessential Mexican breakfast with eggs, huevos rancheros likely come to mind. It’s a breakfast that is consumed the world over.
While popular, huevos rancheros are not the same as Mexican-style eggs, called huevos “a la Mexicana” in Spanish. The two differ notably in the way they are prepared.
In Mexico, “a la Mexicana” describes any dish whose colors mirror those of the Mexican flag. These eggs are prepared customarily with red tomato, onion, and green chiles.
Beyond the inclusion of colorful veggies, the key difference between huevos rancheros and Mexican-style eggs is the way the eggs are cooked.
While the eggs in huevos rancheros are fried and eaten atop a tortilla, Mexican-style eggs are simply scrambled with vegetables.
To make Mexican-style eggs, chop the veggies into bite-sized pieces and fry them in a pan. Mix in the beaten eggs and fold until the eggs reach your desired texture.
The result is a fresh plate of traditional Mexican fare, one that will have you scrambling to find even more delicious, low-stress favorites.