Slice of frosted chocolate cake
The Distinction Between Fudge Cake And Its Regular Chocolate Counterpart
Chocolate cake and chocolate fudge cake hardly sound like different desserts, but fudge cake is a singular treat that has a different texture than most other chocolate cakes.
Fudge cake is thicker, denser, and less airy than a standard fluffy chocolate cake. The batter uses similar ingredients as one for regular chocolate cake, but preparation differs.
Making classic chocolate cake batter begins by creaming butter and sugar together for a light and airy crumb in the final cake. In contrast, fudge cake requires no creaming at all.
To make fudge cake, chocolate and optional butter are melted together, then hot water or coffee is stirred in, followed by oil and eggs in some recipes.
Dry ingredients like flour are mixed into the wet ingredients, and the final batter ends up thinner than standard chocolate cake batter. The cake is then baked to finish.
More moisture in the fudge cake batter, with no air added to it due to the lack of creaming, creates a cake with a much denser, heavier texture and a decadent cocoa flavor.
Chocolate cake and fudge cake taste similar, but small differences in preparation and wet vs. dry ingredient ratios allow you to choose between a fluffy cake and a dense, rich one.