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The Dish Alton Brown's Wife Elizabeth Says Is One Of His Best
Alton Brown and his wife, Elizabeth Ingram, started their YouTube cooking show, “Quarantine Quitchen" in 2020, as an unplanned live stream of them cooking dinner while quarantining during the pandemic. With the show becoming a regular thing now, Ingram says that one of Brown’s recipes they made two years ago is one of his all-time best.
After tasting Brown’s tomato tart, Ingram proclaimed, "This is one of the best things we've made — you've made," to which Brown humbly replied, "There's so many versions of this in the world." One would think such a dish would have to be made entirely from scratch, but Brown actually uses one store-bought ingredient — frozen puff pastry dough.
Once Brown rolls out the pastry dough, he pricks it all over with a fork, and then layers on a multitude of ingredients. The tart goes in the oven, gets brushed with butter, and is topped with pine nuts partway through; once it’s done cooking, basil and Aleppo pepper are used as the finishing touches.