Tin of caviar on tray of ice
The Discount Caviar Substitute For Fancy Dinners On A Budget
Caviar is synonymous with luxury, wealth, and unfortunately, high prices. Luckily, there’s a cheaper alternative with the same delicious taste and elegant appearance.
True caviar comes from a fish called sturgeon, and the high price is due to the scarcity of wild sturgeon and the expensive and time-consuming process of farming their eggs.
Not all fish eggs have the same caveats, making them less expensive. Buying the roe of fish like salmon, whose eggs are known as “red caviar,” can help you save major bucks.
Red caviar from salmon can cost as little as $10 per ounce. Moreover, roe from different fish are often more colorful than caviar, in shades of bright orange to yellow and red.
Likewise, other roe comes in many different flavors, with red caviar having a sweeter, less salty flavor while maintaining all the luxury and nutritional benefits of true caviar.