Hand using spoon to scoop out dragon fruit
The Differences Between The Four Main Types of Dragon Fruit
White Dragon Fruit
White dragon fruit is the most well-known of the dragon fruit family, with a vivid pink exterior and sweet white flesh speckled with black seeds.
Native to Central and South America, this variety is unique for its large size, mild kiwi-like flavor, and health benefits that include reducing insulin resistance.
Red Dragon Fruit
On the outside, red and white dragon fruit look similar, but the red variety is smaller, sometimes has a darker exterior, and has a slightly oval shape.
Grown in Nicaragua and sometimes nicknamed Bloody Mary, these fruits have vibrant red flesh. They’re sweeter than their counterparts, slightly acidic, and rich in antioxidants.
Purple Dragon Fruit
Although purple dragon fruit is often assumed to be the same as the red variety, it has a strong oval shape, and deeper, magenta-hued flesh.
These are grown in Guatemala as well as California and Florida. They have a flavor between mild white and sweet red dragon fruit with notes ranging from kiwi to grape.
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow dragon fruits are the rarest and sweetest variety. They have knobby, yellow skin, somewhat reminiscent of a pineapple, and are on the smaller side.
The flesh is pale, almost white, speckled with black seeds, with notes of florals and a slight tang. Plus, they offer plenty of fiber, prebiotics, and antioxidants.