A view from above of a metal bucket filled with Yukon Gold potatoes.   Rustic  black wood background.
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The Difference Between Yukon Gold And Yukon Gem Potatoes
As one of the most important crops in the world, potatoes are grown in countless varieties, some of which are very unique, but others of which appear quite similar to each other. Yukon gold and Yukon gem potatoes are two almost identical-looking varieties, but they have some key differences in agriculture and more.
The differences between these potatoes are most obvious to the grower. Yukon gems are more immune to diseases like blight, and therefore generate a better yield and payout than Yukon golds; Yukon gems are seen as the improved version of the Yukon gold due to the plant's hardiness, making them easier to grow.
In terms of appearance, both varieties have yellow skin, with Yukon golds being rounder while Yukon gems can appear more oval-shaped. Their flavors and textures are also very similar to one another, with a "waxy" texture and buttery flesh, making both an excellent option for a variety of recipes that call for waxy potatoes.