Peach flavored whiskey smash cocktail
The Difference Between Whiskey Sour And Whiskey Smash Cocktails
Although the whiskey sour and whiskey smash cocktails have very similar ingredients and proportions, slight alterations result in two very different drinks in the glass.
The main difference comes from how the lemon is added: only juice is used for the whiskey sour, and the lemon is muddled for the whiskey smash, along with a sprig of fresh mint.
With a whiskey sour, the ingredients are shaken, which aerates and chills the drink. Some mixologists go a step further and add egg white for an extra foamy surface.
Meddling the fruit in a whiskey smash is a key component, as is the mint. The smashed ingredients are shaken over ice and strained.
The muddled version of this whiskey cocktail makes such a huge difference in flavor and texture of the drink and is what shifts a cocktail from being a straight sour to a smash.