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The Difference Between Tartar Sauce And Remoulade
Tartar sauce and remoulade are both mayonnaise-based sauces commonly served as a condiment with seafood. Despite their similar purpose and appearance, they are two completely different sauces whose key differences lie in their ingredients, as well as the types of seafood they are typically served with.
Tartar sauce is made from mayo, minced pickles or capers, chopped onions, chives, scallions, and sometimes, mustard, lemon juice, or vinegar — a recipe that can’t be customized much. It is typically served with fried seafood dishes, as either a dipping sauce for dishes like fish and chips or a spread for fried seafood sandwiches.
Unlike tartar sauce, remoulade is highly customizable and has been adapted for use in many global cuisines with additions like garlic, horseradish, curry powder, and more. Remoulade pairs well with seafood, especially lobster, but unlike tartar, it isn't limited to seafood, and works great in deviled eggs or as a dip for crudité.