Bowl full of clementines
The Difference Between Tangerines And Clementines
While tangerines and clementines check many of the same culinary boxes, they are distinct with properties that are important to consider when choosing which to go with.
Tangerines are typically bright orange and considerably more squat. The flavor is sweet without being overpowering with a distinctly tart element that provides balance.
Tangerine’s robust skin, laden with essential oils, adds a fragrant citrusy aroma to savory dishes. Their peels can infuse flavor into beverages such as cocktails or herbal teas.
Clementines are small and seedless. The skin can be
slightly redder than that of a tangerine and the flesh is abundantly sweet and practically bursting with juice.
Compared to tangerines, clementines have much thinner skin, which renders them more fragile and susceptible to damage during shipping, bruising, and dehydration.
In contrast, tangerines generally have thicker skins, providing a protective layer. This difference in skin thickness influences packaging, handling, and transportation practices.