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The Difference Between Small And Large Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts have earned a bad reputation over the years as the least desirable vegetable and the bane of picky children. But given the proper care and careful selection, a Brussels sprout just might become your new favorite vegetable and a weeknight dinner staple.
The size of your Brussels sprouts will affect your preparation in a few ways and a good rule of thumb is to go for the smaller options. It may seem like more work to prep the smaller sprouts, but picking out the smallest you can find could have a huge effect on flavor.
According to EatingWell, larger Brussels sprouts tend to have a more cruciferous flavor that will be similar to the bitter taste of uncooked cabbage. On the other hand, smaller sprouts will have a sweeter flavor profile which is a great contrast to something more savory like bacon or be enhanced by sweet toppings like maple syrup or a good balsamic vinegar.