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The Difference Between Seltzer And Club Soda
Club soda and seltzer are both variations of sparkling water, but these two drinks have different ingredients and flavors. Club soda, invented in Ireland in 1877, consists of carbonated water with sodium salts or potassium salts added to it, such as table salt and baking soda, which gives the soda finer bubbles and a mineral-heavy taste.
Meanwhile, plain seltzer is simply carbonated water with no added ingredients. It's completely flavorless, which is why it's commonly mixed into cocktails or flavored and sold in cans, either as a soft drink — like the popular La Croix brand — or with alcohol added, like White Claw seltzer, which has seen a huge boom in popularity.
Choosing between these two sparkling drinks depends on the effect you're going for. To add a subtle mineral, spring water-like flavor with a touch of salt to your cocktails, try club soda, but if you just want some water with bubbles — or you want a convenient, pre-flavored canned drink — look for a decent brand of seltzer.