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The Difference Between Orange And Green Honeydew Melons
There are many melons, from cantaloupe to watermelon to Crenshaw, but a trip to your grocery shop is likely to show you a traditional green honeydew melon, but it turns out green honeydew isn't the only ‌honeydew available. It's time to reveal the lesser-known, more difficult-to-find melon phenom known as orange-fleshed honeydew.
You're most likely to discover orange-fleshed and green-fleshed honeydew melons in your neighborhood store. The more uncommon orange-fleshed melon is a hybrid of the green honeydew and the muskmelon, inheriting characteristics from both, particularly a potent fruity scent, a crisp texture, and smooth skin.
On the appearance, orange-fleshed honeydews resemble their green counterparts, but on the interior, they have orange flesh that is sweet, fragrant, firm, and resembles cantaloupes. Green-fleshed honeydews, in contrast, lack the powerful aroma of muskmelon but are ‌sweet to the taste.