Close up view of plate with sliced mortadella, salami and smoked salmon
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The Difference Between Mortadella Di Campotosto And Mortadella Di Prato
Italian cuisine comprises far more than just pasta, pizza, and gelato, and the country is full of national delicacies and regional specialties. One nationally beloved food is mortadella, but the Italian salami has three variations depending on what region you’re in, including the classic mortadella di Bologna as well as mortadella di Campotosto and mortadella di Prato.
You might already be familiar with mortadella di Bologna which is eaten throughout Italy, but its lesser-known siblings, mortadella di Campotosto and mortadella di Prato, are worth trying. Mortadella di Campotosto is unique for the lard that runs down its center surrounded by seasoned ground pork while mortadella di Prato has cubes of lard dispersed throughout the sausage.
Mortadella di Campostosto is hand-formed into small, ovular salamis, while Mortadella di Prato looks more like mortadella di Bologna with a long, wide sausage. Given its shape Mortadella di Prato might be confused with mortadella di Bologna, but it has a stronger flavor incorporating the Florentine liquor alchermes and spices like vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and coriander.