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The Difference Between Chateaubriand Steak And Filet Mignon
The beef tenderloin is a prized steak cut known for its tenderness. This meat section can be divided into cuts, like Chateaubriand and filet mignon.
Chateaubriand is a large portion cut from the center of the tenderloin and can be anywhere from 8 ounces to several pounds in size, serving from two to eight people.
Also labeled as a "center cut tenderloin," Chateaubriand is low in fat and typically is accompanied by rich sauces like Béarnaise. However, this cut comes with a higher price tag.
Filet mignon cuts come from each side of the central Chateaubriand, are typically less expensive, and are perfect for solo servings thanks to their size.
Classic sauces, savory mushrooms, or rich wine reductions all work well with filet mignon, adding complementary fat and flavor to this lean, luxury steak.