Tomato paste on a spoon while some is in a jar
The Difference Between Canned Tomato Paste And The Tube Kind
Canned and tubed tomato paste is generally the same product, but variations in the way that they are produced create some key differences between the two.
Both products are made by straining out the skins and seeds of tomatoes, and cooking the water out of the flesh until you’re left with a dense paste of concentrated tomato flavor.
Canned tomato paste is darker in color than the tubed variety because it is made by being cooked at a different temperature. This also gives it a denser texture.
Canned tomato paste is also preserved with citric acid, which makes it more savory and acidic. Tubed paste is preserved with salt, which gives it a fresher, stronger flavor.
The two types of containers are indicative of where the tomato paste is produced. Tubed tomato paste usually comes from Italy, while canned usually comes from the U.S.
The American style cooks the tomato at 200 degrees Fahrenheit to break down the flesh more, so it stays thick, while the Italian method only cooks at 150 degrees.