Hand dipping a French dip sandwich into jus
The Difference Between Beef On Weck And A French Dip Sandwich
While both French dips and beef on wecks feature hearty bread, thinly sliced roast beef, and savory jus, they have some distinct differences that are worth noting.
Hailing from Buffalo, NY, beef on weck contains medium-rare roast beef piled onto a kummelweck roll, which is covered in coarse salt and caraway seeds, with horseradish.
The French dip, born at Phillipe's in Los Angeles, contains medium-rare roast beef inside a crusty French roll and is served with a wide-mouth cup of beef jus for dipping.
The French dip and beef on weck differ in their application of jus. Since a French dip only contains meat and bread, it is easy to dunk into a cup of jus over and over.
Conversely, dipping beef on weck would dilute the flavors of the horseradish. Instead, the cut side of the top bun of the kummelweck roll is dipped in the jus before serving.
The kummelweck roll, a variation of the German kaiser roll, is indispensable for beef on weck. Of course, the French roll for the French dip is integral to its construction.
On a beef on weck, the horseradish adds a high note to the bassy beef and baritone bread. French dips, on the other hand, offer no distraction from the meat.