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The Devastating 2022 Death Of Chef Joyce Molyneux
After a life of setting precedents and numerous other accomplishments, renowned British chef Joyce Molyneux passed away on October 27, 2022, at 91 years old. Molyneux was impacted by food from early on in her life, and later became primarily known for paving the way for British cuisine and female chefs at her restaurant The Carved Angel.
The Carved Angel opened in 1974, where Molyneux was one of few women running her own restaurant and serving as the head chef, paving the way for women in the male-dominated industry at the time. Her influence was only strengthened when the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 1978, making her restaurant one of the first woman-led kitchens to do so.
The Carved Angel and Molyneux continued to receive awards and notoriety until she retired and sold the restaurant in 2000. Now known as The Angel, the restaurant may have changed ownership and names several times over the years, but it has remained a symbol of excellence thanks to Joyce Molyneux.