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The Delicious Tortilla Swap You Can Find In The Trader Joe's Frozen Section
If you're looking to replace the tortillas in your tacos for a fun twist, or you're just trying to eat less straight-up carbs, there are plenty of substitutes you can try. One substitute can be found in Trader Joe’s frozen section, where the chain sells a delicious alternative that’s healthier than flour tortillas and includes a few vegetables.
In an episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, the hosts discuss their frozen scallion pancakes and tout them as the perfect tortilla swap. These crispy pancakes can be used to take the place of a taco shell for a hearty and savory meal, or can even be used to make breakfast tacos or wrap up breakfast burritos.
Scallion pancakes, also called pajeon, are a popular Korean appetizer, typically paired with Korean rice wine and a special dipping sauce. Trader Joe’s version includes four frozen pancakes stuffed with mushroom, leeks, scallions, and carrots per package, and they're perfect for pan-frying until golden brown and crispy.