Ina Garten smiling at event
The Delectable Coca-Cola Cake Ina Garten Called 'Crazy Good'
Chef Ina Garten isn’t one to scoff at simple, easy recipes or common ingredients, and she even sings the praises of a somewhat unusual yet super simple chocolate Coca-Cola Cake.
In an episode of "Be My Guest with Ina Garten," Garten, country singer Faith Hill, and Hill’s young daughter got together to make this old-school, soda-based Southern treat.
The cake is enhanced with buttermilk, marshmallows, and Coca-Cola, and Garten added homemade vanilla extract. “Oh my God [...] That's so crazy good," she exclaimed upon tasting it.
Coca-Cola cake is beloved by many besides Garten, but its origins are rather murky. The Coca-Cola company has not laid claim to inventing the dessert.
Though the Charleston Gazette published a recipe in 1952, the New York Times points out that the cake was probably circulating via word of mouth long before it appeared in print.