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The Definitive Trick For An Extra-Crispy Tuna Melt
When cooler weather starts to set in, you'll likely start craving richer foods like extra-crispy tuna melts. Tuna melts are only slightly more involved to make than a grilled cheese, and while you should use high-quality canned tuna, a super-melty cheese, and the right bread-to-filling, there's one ingredient you may be overlooking.
When it's time to toast your tuna melt, you might reach for the butter to grease your skillet, but try using mayonnaise instead for super crisp results. Mayo is made primarily of oil, which makes it easier to spread and great for crisping and browning your sandwich; plus, the savory and slightly tangy taste adds another layer of flavor.
Mayo also has a higher smoke point than butter, meaning it doesn't burn as easily and you can crank up the heat for a faster tuna melt. Epicurious suggests swiping a layer of mayo on the outside of your bread and covering the pan with a lid, so trapped steam will melt the cheese and more crispy bits on the sides of your sandwich.