Anthony Bourdain standing outside
The Deep-Fried Hot Dogs Anthony Bourdain Suggested In New Jersey
In Season 5 of “Parts Unknown,” Anthony Bourdain visited his home state of New Jersey and oozed over the roadside restaurant Hiram’s where he touted their deep fried hot dogs.
Since 1932, the hot dog stand has been filling hungry bellies by cooking up hot off-the-grill and made-to-order dogs to the preferred level of doneness for each visiting customer.
“Some things just shouldn’t change,” Bourdain said as he doused his plates of hot dogs and relish and fries with condiments. “I come here to feed my soul,” Bourdain gushed.
For only a few dollars, diners at Hiram’s can feast on orders of hot dogs that have been fried in the restaurant’s unique concoction of oils.
The pork and beef hot dogs served at Hiram’s deliver a perfectly crispy exterior and a juicy, flavorful interior well-seasoned with spices, resulting in a puffy, delicious hot dog.
Similarly to accommodating each customer’s preferred level of hot dog doneness, Hiram’s aims to please by offering chili and sweet-and-sour slaw that can be spooned over orders.