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The Decorating Tool That Will Help Your Cake Bake More Evenly
Many bakers can relate to the moment when you're baking a cake for tomorrow’s party, and once they come out of the oven, the layers look perfect at first, but begin to sink in the center as they cool. This is usually caused by under-baking or an otherwise uneven baking job, but you can prevent this mistake using one small decorating tool.
A flower nail is a nail with a flat base that is normally used as a surface for piping buttercream flowers, and allowing for an easy transfer onto parchment or the cake’s surface. When placed base-side-down in the center of your cake pan, the nail also conducts heat and allows the inside of the cake to cook at the same rate as the outside.
A more even baking job gives you that perfectly moist cake you’re looking for that won't sink in the middle, and even speeds up the cooking time slightly. Plus, a flower nail takes up much less space compared to cake strips, damp towel-like strips that attach to the outside of your pans when baking, for a similar evening-out effect.