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The Decadent Ingredient Ina Garten Adds To Scrambled Eggs
Packed with protein and loaded with vitamins and nutrients, scrambled eggs are a perfect dish to serve at any breakfast gathering, especially if you make them taste extra-special by using secret ingredients. Ina Garten recommends a fancy addition that adds a touch of luxury to your Sunday brunch, with hardly any effort required.
Garten gathers two or three eggs for each guest at the table, then whips them with salt and pepper and pours them into a butter-lathered pan. She cooks the mixture over low heat for soft, tender eggs, folding them over with a spatula, then turns off the heat and adds one or two spoonfuls of the secret ingredient: truffle butter.
The warm pan continues to cook the custard-like eggs while the cold butter melts into the mixture, creating an indulgent dish full of truffle flavor. Serve the eggs on top of toasted brioche with a sprinkle with chopped chives and your guests will be so impressed, you'll want to use truffle butter on countless other dishes.