A pile of various peppers
The Cutting Method To Extract Full Flavor From Peppers Minus The Heat
To prepare hot peppers in a way that allows you to get the most out of the ingredient while controlling the spice level, all you need to do is filet them.
With the exception of bell peppers, all peppers contain a compound called capsaicin which can cause your mouth or skin to have a burning sensation.
Most of a pepper's capsaicin lies within its seeds and pith. Fileting a pepper separates the seeds and pith from the flesh, maximizing its flavor with minimal heat.
To filet a pepper, create a flat surface by trimming the base. Hold it by the stem and make vertical cuts down the length of each lobe, keeping the knife close to the stem.
With each lobe cut off, you'll be left with a pepper core full of pith and seeds, which you can toss before chopping the lobes as needed for your recipe.
This method works best with lobed peppers. For single-lobed peppers, half them and remove the seeds and pith with a spoon while wearing gloves to prevent skin irritation.