Raw mince ground meat in a kitchen pot
The Cut Of Steak Most Frequently Used For Ground Beef
Ground beef is usually made from butchers’ leftover trimmings, which could be anything from lean sirloin to brisket, but most ground beef will be labeled
"ground chuck."
Sometimes also known as a chuck roast, chuck steak is a cut of meat that comes from the shoulder of the cow. It is generally a tough cut used in stews and braises.
Chuck steak works great for ground beef thanks to it being 15-20% fat, which makes chuck more juicy, flavorful, and even makes it easier to pack together and shape.
This cut also has a strong meaty flavor that makes it great for recipes that are cooked simply, like hamburgers, where a lot of the taste and texture comes from the meat itself.
Ground chuck can be more expensive than ground beef made up of a mix of cuts, but its toughness makes it a pretty cheap cut, which makes it economical to turn into ground beef.