Chicken cacciatore in a roasting pot with bay leaves, olives, herbs and tomatoes
The Cut Of Meat To Avoid When Cooking Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken cacciatore is a 16th-century Italian braised stew. Either chicken legs or thighs, or a combination of the two, will work best when making this classic dish.
Chicken legs and thighs are fatty, bone-in cuts, which are ideal for long heat and liquid exposure. The bone, in particular, helps to keep the meat from drying out.
Breasts are unsuitable, especially if they are skinless, as they have less flavor and cook far too quickly. Wings don't have enough meat on them to yield much flavor, either.
When making chicken cacciatore, the other ingredients are braised along with the chicken. During the braise, the fat and collagen gently release and reabsorb back into the meat.
This helps tenderize the chicken and also flavor the overall sauce. You'll end up with wonderfully tender, savory chicken, stewed in a deliciously rich sauce.